July 24, 2009

The Kangaroo

During our visit to the zoo, we had the opportunity to see a Kangaroo there. Taking picture of an animal like a kangaroo that is being enclosed in a protective cage like a cyclone fence is not the easiest setting to take the best photos without having any interference of the fencing. But I managed to get some shots focusing more on the Kangaroo and less on the wire fencing right in front of me.

Written and Photography by JazeVox of www.ExpressInStyle.com
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July 16, 2009

Water Works Like Magic

One of my favorite subject to photograph is anything that is in the water. You can find different items in oceans and lakes that will create magical and beautiful photographs like birds, boats, and human activities. Some of the most stunning water sceneries are taken during sunset and/or sunrise where the the sun creates special effects in the surrounding and objects of interest. by JazeVox

Written and Photography by JazeVox of www.ExpressInStyle.com

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